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Painting a piece of spring in my own bac

About me

Hello, my name is Barbara Scharpf and I am an Impasto painter who is obsessed with painting florals bursting with colors and textures. I’ve had customers tell me they look yummy enough to eat. The soft yet textured beauty of flowers have always inspired my creativity and desire to sculpt them onto my wood canvas.


When I began painting at a very young age, my family members always encouraged me. They were busy running a third-generation furniture and decorating business, so I was around color and textures and LOVED IT!
I have evolved over the years from being a classic realistic artist, trained to use oils, into a painter allowing for more soft, contemporary, loose lines with a lot of movement and texture. Some have labeled me the “Happy Painter”. I use pure professional quality acrylic paints using both palette knifes and brushes.



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