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Here is a photo of the huge angel painting I did for my daughter Mary when she was around 18.

It was to represent her entering into her young lady stage of development. The position of her chin behind her shoulder is representing Mary's shyness of personality.

The Angel representation is what I always called Mary, "My Angel". The natural beauty of her body was painted naked to represent what God gave her from birth and how beautiful she is and will always have her natural beauty to take the best healthy care of and respect even her slightest flaws.

The Position I chose to paint this young lady in is to represent Mary crawling from infancy into adulthood.

So , yes, this work of art is a representation of the many stages and beauty I experienced witnessing as her Mom. And I Loved Every Moment ..... well.... almost every moment! LOL

Give me your feed back and perspective! I love hearing what others see in my unique original art.

This piece of course is not for sale. It belongs to my dear Mary now.

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